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Glue Engine Graphics Representation


















This application will represent the graphics that our game engine called Glue Engine has/will have. Please also visit the Engine section.


Download – Mirror Download



Fusion HTML Editor




















Current Version: 1.1


Fusion HTML Editor is a powerful tool for making great websites very easy.The interface is very simple to understand,anyone can be creative with Fusion HTML Editor!Unleash it!

Requires .Net FrameWork 4.5 to work!

Download Fusion HTML Editor – Mirror Download 1

Download Fusion HTML Editor – Mirror Download 2




WebRun Web Browser














Current Version 1.5.5

The newest web browser on the market that will bring you internet navigation at huge speeds!
Downloads and uploads are also fast and very responsive.
You can setup mail directly from the browser or share links directly to Facebook!
It does what a regular browser should do, set home page, history, search engines etc.
Acces tabs easy by just right clicking on the selected tab and choose through a lot of settings.
Also available to the browser’s settings, you can access them by right clicking on the Star Button.
Toolbars and menus makes working and navigation very easy!

Requires .Net FrameWork 4.5 to work!

Download WebRun Web Browser – Mirror Download

1.5.5 Change Log:

-Mail tab now recognize the loaded document
-Fav Icon now shows
-Documentation main title now shows correctly
-Main menu has been added an easy to close X button
-Main Menu button has been changed to set hide or show if the main menu is visible or not
-Print now works, select a path to create the pdf and then print!
-Bookmarks and history now resets when resetting is enabled!
-Settings window now resizes when not much content available
-Save your favourite websites as HTML File
-Simply open HTML Files through WebRun
-When closing the current tab, the tab control automatically selects the near tab from the closed tab
-Bookmarks now automatically resizes when the main window’s size is changed
-Added tool tips that shows information about every single button or function in the browser!
-Smooth scrolling and faster speeds!
-WebRun can now retain and track cookies so you are not forced to type again your credentials on login request!
-Added support for WebGL(simple, needs more features)
-Huge speed improvements!
-Play games with stunning graphics at 60 FPS or more(depends on PC)
-Optimized for other versions of windows and low-end pcs
-Window new design
-Web Security added
-Ability to save pages and reload them
-Changed the running framework for older PC’s





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